Singapore, my home

I admit I am one of those Singaporeans who had, over the years, become increasingly disgruntled with the gahmen. Any boo boo or bad move by any government body and *bam*, I will lambast it like the rest of my fellow local netizens. I am learning to be less skeptical after a recent trip to KL though. It wasn’t my first trip to KL. I was there 2.5 years ago with some friends. I enjoyed myself thoroughly then because we had lots of fun, and some Malaysians (friends of a friend) brought us around. There were plenty of booze and games, and we had a smokin’ good time at Zouk KL too.

About a week ago, I did a stopover in KL and stayed there for a day. There were only 2 of us this time round, and I was extremely vigilant after having read and heard so much about how blatant the crooks could be in KL. I was kept on my toes throughout the whole journey, esp. after a bad (taxi) tout experience at LCCT when I first arrived at the airport. No offense to Malaysians, I think you guys are great people (I have a few Malaysian friends), but KL gives me the creeps. The roads were dirty, buildings were dilapidated, and locals were warning us to be careful with our belongings, even when crossing the roads. I realised then, how I took safety and cleanliness back home for granted. Yes, our government may not be perfect, but seriously, I wouldn’t trade PAP for the Malaysian government any time. And one more thing, no entry signs in Malaysia are not to be taken seriously.


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