My weekends.


Drove into JB last weekend.

Drove against the traffic near the Johor customs (FTW!). My bad, poor navigator, teehee. Polis insisted on a bribe and I refused to give in. Told them to issue us a fine. Got away scot-free eventually because the bugger was too lazy to do up the summon. Malaysia Boleh!


Went to Holiday Plaza to do my nails. Manicurist said the OPI color that I chose would be phased out. OOh.

At Nanyang Kopitiam for a quickie (drink) while waiting for the car to be washed around Taman Sentosa.

Yesterday (<3 love the smile below, melts the heart):

Taratata Bistrot at Keong Saik St for the pan-fried foie gras (dislike Pâté form) and dinner. Had this insane craving for foie gras that evening!

Nice French eatery; we were the only diners there the whole time.  We decided on the foie gras, escargots, lobster bique and chicken stew.

The escargots came in some strange green pesto sauce.

The lobster bisque had a salty egg yolk aftertaste.

Foie gras was abit over-rated in my opinion.


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