Human Beings are such ugly creatures

The facebook page about a gal who got dumped by her fiancé who left her for another woman (some “famous” blogger) has been making the rounds on social media. So scandalous! Honestly I do feel for the gal (can totally relate to the the betrayal), and the fact that she could actually post about it on Facebook baffles me at the same time. Takes lots of guts to do that (she had no qualms about posting pictures of her and her ex). Take heart though, the ex is actually balding. Talk about karma. 😛

On a separate note, some (MAJOR) asshole snipped off my mother’s beautiful orchids. The plant took more than a year to “blossom” the damn flowers (it was worth the wait though, they were beautiful beyond words), and I think some rotten neighbor conveniently cut it off, just like that. The pot was placed right outside our door, but given that my unit was situated at a corner, it must have that someone much effort to walk to that corner and notice the orchids. WTH seriously.

I believe in karma anyway.


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