Recycling gifts… yay or nay

I find it appalling that someone (not naming who) actually gave me a baby gift set that was obviously recycled. How can I tell?

1) The box had scotch-tape “scars” on it (obviously unwrapped before)

2) The clothes inside were yellowish (signs of “aging”)

3) Scotch-tape holding the baby suit to the box has had already turned yellow

4) Cap given to me in a separate bag was also yellowish

I mean, c’mon! If you want to recycle a gift, don’t use something that has telltale signs right?! I rather you save the effort and not give me anything. I think it is bad manners firstly, and the nerves of you – acting so proud to give this pathetic gift.

Yah perhaps I am harsh, but really, I rather not receive such a present.


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