Words for my lil’ one…

Dear Belle

It is almost 2 a.m. as I type this out.. Mummy had just finished expressing milk for you (eww, how gross).

You turned 2 months old yesterday. Mummy and Daddy survived 1 month with you in our lives without no help from any nanny. I finally know what sleep deprivation is. You were sick probably because Mummy didn’t burp you properly when the confinement nanny left, and you ended up having a lot of “wind” in your little tummy. Your stomach was so bloated, and silly Mummy didn’t realize it until the pediatrician pointed it out to us. Thanks to all that nasty gas and bacteria in you, you had colic and cried loads because you felt discomfort, especially at night. It got so bad that you will suddenly wake up shrieking & crying. It scared the shit out of Mummy, and Mummy cried earlier on when she saw you in great pain. To see a little baby suffering really pains me much. However, we were assured that this colic would pass (like when you turn 3 months old?!) and it was just a phase that many newborns like you go through. Yay, that means we can sleep better at night soon yeah?

We were never ready to have you, but who is ready for parenthood anyway? You have no idea, but you had brought Mummy and Daddy closer, and I would never trade you for anything. You can be a pain sometimes because of your incessant wailing (sorry Belle), but having you in my life taught me patience, what unconditional love is, and lots of lessons await us, I am sure.

We love you so much, and I give you my word that I will do my utmost to take good care of you.


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