Peeves… Some things are too personal to be discussed.

Was waiting for dinner to be served at a Chinese restaurant and Baby B was drinking her milk and “charming” passers-by (again!) around us with her grin. The owner of the eatery, an elderly man, smiled at her and said that she was very friendly.

Owner: You are not breastfeeding?

Me: She’s already over 12 months (feel a tinge of annoyance)

Owner: Breastfeeding is good for kids. My 3 grandchildren were breastfed till ____ (insert age) years old even though my own kids were not.

Me: Good for you.

Owner: Yeah, breast milk is best for kids. My 3 grandchildren are all very smart.

Me: I fell very sick, so I couldn’t continue breastfeeding (hey why do I need to justify my decisions or actions to a stranger?)

Why do some people get all high and mighty when they talk about breastfeeding? They go like, tsk tsk, you aren’t doing it? I thought that such judgmental remarks will pass when she is a toddler. What more, these remarks came from a MALE. An old man. Like seriously. There’s too much hype about breast milk, honestly. I think it’s a conspiracy set up by companies like Medela and Avent who thrive on selling breast pumps.

And it was true that I was very ill for a week (my whole family caught this really strange viral infection), and thereafter, my milk supply dropped drastically. Why do I want to stress myself out over falling milk supply when I had to juggle work at the same time? Some people out there may gasp at my “selfishness”, but hey, it’s really my personal decision and it wouldn’t affect you. Get off my back will you?


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