Pursuit of Happyness

There’s always something I can blame when I get all cranky, ballistic and crabby – PMS.

Yes, am feeling the blues lately for no apparent reason. Or rather, factors causing me to feel this way aren’t even problems to begin with, in their own rights.

I read Professor Tommy Koh’s article today on how Singaporeans can be happier (according to him, we are a dissatisfied lot, much) and he raised many valid points about how one can go about his life feeling better. Well according to his article, it is no rocket science, the recipe to happiness. One of his points highlighted how envy can breed jealousy and unhappiness within one’s inner realm. I totally agree to that. How do we stop ourselves from comparing against others and not feel envious about others’ success etc? Sounds like a tall order.


I am sucha baby


Yep, I got upgraded to a premier room (only ‘cos deluxe rooms were fully taken, and my paymaster had no other choice). Still, I had trouble falling asleep. I got up with a stiff neck – the pillows were too soft and I only fell asleep at 5am. I arrived at the seminar red-eyed, but the hosts were friendly and chatty, so my fatigue only kicked in much later when Syin sent me to the airport.

My only grouse was that I had no time to go to the gym.
Better go for yoga later.